A Wardrobe Facelift with Outdoor Queens

A Wardrobe Facelift with Outdoor Queens | A review of Outdoor Queens, a great site for cute swimsuits and summer clothes! | Lavi was here.

I realized my wardrobe needed a serious upgrade after I found my home base in San Francisco and started taking shorter trips. With shorter trips, it’s easier to pack specific outfits. When I was traveling on the road long-term, I didn’t have space in my backpack to carry a variety of clothing options. I packed a few basic tank tops, T-shirts, shorts, jeans, and one swimsuit. Now, I actually have a closet and don’t wear backpacker clothes every day (shocking, right?).

When I first discovered Outdoor Queens on Instagram, I immediately loved the colorful printed patterns and feminine, chic styles. My eyes were particularly drawn to the cute swimsuits! Full disclosure: I’ve worn the same bikini top for the past three years and finally decided to make the switch and try out some different styles. Outdoor Queens had so many in all the trendy cuts like one-piece swimsuits and high-waisted swimsuits. I really needed an upgrade and the brand intrigued me, so I had to check out their site. Their clothes are not only stylish and beautiful, they’re affordable, too.

I was lucky enough to snag a few cute swimsuits before my trip to Havasu Falls, Arizona, where I swam and splashed around in some of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen. Being a girl who doesn’t vary her clothing style often, I was a little nervous. Neither of these swimsuits is anything like the bikini I always wear.

Outdoor Queens

loved the look of this Palm Tree and Stripe Bandage Bikini that’s high-waisted. It’s completely different from any swimsuit I’ve ever had and I’m so glad I decided to try something new. I got it in a size medium and it fit just right.

Outdoor Queens

The top is super-cute with a zipper down the front; I’ve worn it a few occasions with other outfits too. I was a little nervous that the bottoms wouldn’t be flattering, but the old-school, retro look is so fun.

Outdoor Queens

The second swimsuit I tried was the Monokini Print String One-Piece in a size medium. It also fit well and was really comfortable. I don’t think I’d worn a one-piece swimsuit since I was a child, but now that they’re back in style I wanted to see how it would look on me as an adult.

Outdoor Queens

I loved the fun and vibrant floral print with the crisscross strings down the open front that added a feminine touch. The strings did sometimes get unlaced at the top, but it’s an easy fix to loop them back through.

The swimsuits worked out so great that I found myself scrolling the site again and fell for the Short Sleeve Crop Top + Short Pant Jumpsuit in a size large. It’s not something the backpacker version of me would’ve brought on my Latin America trip, but it was the perfect ensemble to wear for an afternoon of wine tasting in Napa!

Outdoor Queens

I received the most positive comments and questions about this outfit on Instagram and I’m still obsessed with it. It’s so soft and comfy! It’s definitely a cute and chic outfit for summer that’ll I’ll be wearing many times. I also love that the shorts have pockets!

Outdoor Queens

Outdoor Queens has a variety of cute swimsuits, dresses, outfits, and accessories on their site. One important thing to note are the sizes. I wore a size medium in the swimsuits and a large in the two-piece jumpsuit when I normally wear a size small or medium. The swimsuits fit true to size but the two-piece jumpsuit would’ve been much too small even as a medium. The sizes don’t seem entirely correct on site despite how cute the clothes are. Keep this in mind when you’re ordering.

Outdoor Queens

I think the Outdoor Queens website could use some tweaking to offer more information about the clothes in the item descriptions (i.e. coverage style for bikini bottoms, whether clothes fit true to size, etc.) and professional photos for each item. Still, the prices are reasonable and if you know what you like, it’s easy to see from the website photos if you’d want to buy the clothes. Their customer service team was also really helpful when I asked questions about the clothes. I’d order from Outdoor Queens again and have already been eyeing a few other cute items!

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Many thanks to Outdoor Queens for providing me with these clothing items to try out. Don’t worry; no matter who foots the bill, I’ll always keep it real and provide my honest opinion.

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    loving the bikini set!!

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