Why You Need to Book a Hotel with Hotwire This Week

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Hotwire. As always, all content & opinions are my own.


I’m the type of person who plans what to do at a destination, but I don’t always keep accommodation as the #1 priority. When I’m choosing where I want to stay on a trip, I prioritize affordable prices over big-name hotels. Bottom line: it doesn’t really matter to me exactly where I’m staying as long I’ve made it to my destination and my accommodation is within my budget and has positive reviews.

That’s why I love Hotwire. Big name hotel biases are out the window and I can just focus on choosing a hotel that fits within my budget and location preference. Hotels listed on Hotwire show the number of TripAdvisor reviews and the TripAdvisor ratings, which is a lifeline for me while traveling to new destinations. The best part is that I feel comfortable knowing that Hotwire offers 4-star hotels at 2-star prices through their Hot Rate deals and I’ll end up at the perfect hotel for me, so I can concentrate on making memories during my travels.

Lavi was here.

As luck would have it, Hotwire is turning 18 this year! To celebrate its introduction to adulthood, Hotwire is offering an $18 off $180 coupon that you can use on their Hot Rate Hotels. I’ve been searching Hotwire like crazy as I’m planning my December travels; the coupon is really going to come in handy as holiday pricing kicks in! Here are the promotion details:

  • Promotion dates: 10/16/18 at 12:00am PST – 10/19/18 at 5:00pm PST
  • Sitewide sale for Hot Rate Hotels
  • $18 off $180 Hot Rate Hotels with code “HBD18”
  • As with all Hotwire bookings, hotel names and street locations are shown after the booking is completed

Want a little background information on Hotwire? Hotwire is one of the first online travel sites to work directly with suppliers to book unsold inventory. For their Hot Rate deals, brand names are hidden on the site, and Hotwire can offer customers unparalleled savings on hotel rooms, rental cars, flights, and vacation packages. These prices are able to be below published prices because of the anonymity during the booking process. This is so great for travelers always on the hunt for a good deal!

This promotion with Hotwire is only available for a few days! It’s time to stop dilly dallying when it comes to committing to upcoming trips and jump on this opportunity to save some money while knocking out your next travel destination!

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Hotwire. As always, all content & opinions are my own.

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