7 of My Favorite Tech Gifts for Travelers

7 of My Favorite Tech Gifts for Travelers | Christmas shopping list for the travelers in your life just got a whole lot easier. My favorite tech gadgets are sure to be the best tech gifts for travelers, or for your travel-loving self. | Lavi was here.

I didn’t bring many tech gadgets with me on my first backpacking trip to Southeast Asia. I packed an iPad that I only used when at the hostel and a point-and-shoot digital camera. No iPhone, no laptop, nada. But…times have changed! Travel and tech gadgets go hand in hand these days, and I’m all for it. You might need to bring a few extra things with you, but the payoff of convenience and quality makes all the difference.

Guess what? Your Christmas shopping list for the travelers in your life just got a whole lot easier. My favorite tech gadgets are sure to be the best tech gifts for travelers, or for your travel-loving self. These techie gifts are items I recommend to friends and family all the time! If you’re a last-minute shopper like me, you’d better get to it soon!

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Canon 80D Camera

My photography equipment got a major upgrade this year when I switched from a mirrorless digital camera to a Canon 80D DSLR with 18-135mm lens. Sure, it’s a little bulkier and heavier, but I love it. The image quality is exponentially more crisp and sharp. Now that I’m not traveling full-time, I don’t mind carrying a heavier camera. I only wish I made the switch earlier in my travels so I captured better photos. I’ll never regret this upgrade!

Sudio Sweden Bluetooth Earbuds

So many mobile phones are losing the headphone jack these days. That’s why I love my Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla earbuds. You don’t realize how convenient Bluetooth headphones are until you use them. They’re comfortable and convenient so you don’t have to keep pulling out your phone while exploring a new city (and thus looking like a target for theft!). Even when I’m not traveling and am at work or exercising, the cordless life is amazing! 8 hours of wireless freedom sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Literally, the sound quality is fantastic! You can get 15% off your order by using the code LAVIWASHERE when you purchase!

External hard drive

If you or your travel bug friends have traversed the globe as much as I have over the years, I’m guessing the ol’ laptop is running at a snail’s pace. I’m at the point where I had to remove all photos from my laptop and store them on an external hard drive. The G-Technology G-DRIVE Mobile 1TB hard drive makes it so easy to back up my photos and it’s easy to pack!

Yuneec Breeze Drone

You know it’s true: drones are all the rage! I bought my Yuneec Breeze drone last Christmas and had a blast flying it around snowy Iceland to capture aerial landscapes. I will admit that lots of places I’ve been since I bought it don’t allow drones, but it’s a creative method of photography when I can use it! That makes it worth it — and this drone is also a lot cheaper than the other brands while still capturing incredible photos!

DJI Camera Stabilizer

If you decide not to opt for a fancy DSLR or drone for your traveling friend, how about a DJI Phone Stabilizer? Those shaky iPhone videos are a thing of the past! I wish I knew about this earlier because it’s incredible to see how seamless video footage looks with a phone stabilizer even when you’re shooting in constant motion. If only I could go back and recapture the videos I created without this handy tool!

Amazon Kindle

It would have been so much easier to read the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books on an Amazon Kindle. And that’s coming from someone who loves paperbacks. The reality is, paperback books aren’t always practical while on the road. A Kindle is so light and it’s worth it to have access to multiple books without the hassle of carrying them. Use that leftover backpack or suitcase weight to upgrade your camera!

Universal Outlet Adapter

There always has to be a practical gift on the Christmas list. A universal outlet adaptor is a no-brainer. The Pac2Go Universal Travel Adaptor worked was a godsend when I went to China and had so many electronics to charge. It even has a few USB ports!

The best time of year is when the holidays and travel collide and you can finally gift the tech gadgets your traveling loved ones have always wanted. Happy shopping, and…

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Thanks to Sudio Sweden for sending me their Bluetooth earbuds to try out. Don’t worry; no matter who foots the bill, I’ll always keep it real and provide my honest opinion.

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  1. December 25, 2017 / 11:29 pm

    For those of us who are not continuously on the road, one of the (perversely) fun parts of getting ready for a trip is shopping for travel gear! I love the list and, in particular, the camera stabilizer. A Joby Gorillapod + DJI Camera Stabilizer would be a great combo for Christmas… wait, that’s today! 🙂

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