And I’m off!


I’d like to consider myself a minimalist. I mean, no girl wants to hear that she’s high maintenance, right? But for this 9 week trip to India, Nepal and UAE I’m bringing one medium sized suitcase, my 80 liter backpack, and a regular backpack as a carry on. Is that a lot? I feel like it is. I don’t NEED all this stuff to survive. To be fair, all of my clothes are in the suitcase and my big backpack isn’t at capacity at all, so maybe it’s not a lot. I plan to leave one bag in Mumbai with my grandparents and just travel with one bag and my regular backpack. If I was only backpacking without visiting family and friends, I would have packed less. But a girl needs options, right? And I don’t want my Indian family and friends to think that my wardrobe only consists of leggings and v-neck t-shirts! (I actually took downsizing to another level and nixed all my v-necks!) So here I am, ready to go! Catch you on the other side of the globe!

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