Venturing back to the old country after 8 years

India. The second most populated country in the world is the land of my forefathers and the reason why I have this awesome year-round tan. My parents and brother moved to the US from India in 1985, and three glorious years later, I was born. I have been to India multiple times in my (almost) 26 years of life, with my last visit in 2006. This was my first solo traveling trip, albeit not very intimidating because I was visiting family the entire time. At that time, I don’t think I fully realized the value in absorbing as much as I could about the culture in which I come from.

As the years have passed and I have traveled solo to many parts of the world, I now understand the importance of learning about my roots. I couldn’t visit India in the last 8 years because I was too busy studying, working, and just plain living my life.  Now that I’ve quit my job, I’m happy to be excuse-less; this is the best opportunity I have to go back to India, visit my family members, and travel to parts unknown to me all over the country. Time will only continue to slip away from us all. Gotta take advantage of it!

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