Bohemian Island Harem Pants: The only pants you need for travel

Bohemian Island Harem Pants: Th e only pants you need for travel

I’m a big advocate of being comfortable while traveling. This is why I’m normally sporting yoga clothes for long flights and bus rides – comfort is key. After years of uncomfortable travel in jeans and other pants, I’ve finally figured it out; Bohemian Island harem yoga pants are the only pants you’ll ever need for travel.

Bohemian Island Harem Yoga Pants

If you’ve been to Southeast Asia, you’re probably familiar with harem pants. Sure, these loose, flowy, comfy pants can be purchased at little shops on the streets, but over the years and constant wear, I’ve seen my street-bought pairs rip and the elasticity loosen before my very eyes.

Bohemian Island is a socially responsible clothing company based in Thailand. Their harem yoga pants are made from local Thai materials and stitched by hand in a family-run factory, not in a sweatshop.

Here’s the breakdown of how these harem pants fit. The best part? One size fits all!

Bohemian Island Harem Pants

With so many patterns to choose from, you can’t go wrong with any of Bohemian Island’s harem pants. My personal favorites are the Peacock Pants and the Elephant Harem Pants, which I’ve been wearing and lovingAfter a long, long time, I unrolled my yoga mat to test these bad boys out. Don’t judge me on form, check out the pants!

Bohemian Island Harem Yoga Pants

Made from 100% cotton, these harem pants are so airy and comfortable. I wear them as pajamas, yoga pants, and on travel days. It’s so easy to maneuver in them that any yoga pose (or uncomfortable sleeping position on a plane, train, or bus) is doable!

Bohemian Island Harem Yoga Pants

The harem pants are easy to wash and dry, which makes them perfect to pack when traveling. The worst thing that can happen is having to switch locations and pack a bag with wet laundry! These pants are also loose, so they don’t draw too much attention when traveling in countries in which it’s preferable to dress modestly. I’ve worn harem pants in India and Nepal and found it much easier to fit in than when I wore skinny jeans.

Bohemian Island Harem Yoga Pants

One of the things I love most about Bohemian Island doesn’t even have to do with the quality of their pants. 10% of all proceeds are donated to the Soi Dog Foundation, a non-profit organization that rescues and cares for thousands of homeless dogs and cats in Thailand.

Bohemian Island Harem Yoga Pants

My Bohemian Island harem pants were one of the first things I packed in my backpack for my Central America trip. There’s nothing better than traveling in comfort – and style!

If the photos of me doing ridiculous yoga poses in my backyard aren’t enough to convince you of how great these pants are, check out their awesome Instagram page to see some much more advanced yogis and their crazy poses in these pants!

  Thanks to Bohemian Island for providing me with a pair of their harem yoga pants to test out. Don’t worry; no matter who foots the bill, I’ll always keep it real and provide my honest opinion. I only promote products I absolutely love!

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