Why Everyone’s Going to Indonesia

Why Everyone's Going to Indonesia

Indonesia is climbing the charts as one of the most sought after travel destinations these days. There’s no way around it; you me, and everyone we know is talking about and going to this group of islands in Southeast Asia. I’ve only been to Bali and I absolutely loved it, but I’m still so curious about why everyone is going to Indonesia. Now that I’ve done a little more research, I realize why not a day goes by that I don’t see a photo of Indonesia on my Instagram feed. It’s not only that it’s an affordable country to visit and live in. I now realize Indonesia is a country so rich in culture and beauty that you can’t just visit one island to experience it.


Why Everyone's Going to Indonesia

Bali is one of the top spots for digital nomads to hang their hats these days. It wasn’t nearly as popular when I went in 2012 but now I’m itching to go back! As a newbie backpacker, I didn’t know that I’d need more than a few days on the island. I explored the beaches and nightlife in Kuta, visited the temples of Uluwatu, and got in touch with nature and monkeys in Ubud. There’s still so much more I would like to see and do in other parts of the island when I eventually go back!

Why Everyone's Going to Indonesia

Gili Islands

I could be wrong but I think I missed out the most on the Gili Islands. The photos alone that I’ve seen of all three islands are stunning. With only a few days in Bali, it was going to take too much time to get to the Gili Islands, but wow, what I wouldn’t give for a few days of relaxation on an island that’s not even accessible to cars. I might have seen some beautiful sunsets in Central America, but those I’ve seen along the coast of the Gilis make me want to buy a ticket right away!


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Lombok is another island I can’t wait to see the next time I visit Indonesia. Hiking Mount Batur for sunrise was an incredible experience on Bali. The next time around I want to get a higher vantage point on the other islands, like Mount Rinjani on Lombok. Forget the ocean, give me some of that crater lake! Actually, I’ll take the crystal blue water on the coast of Lombok as well. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this Lombok, which is apparently slightly less discovered and more of a destination for the “adventurous” traveler. Sign me up; if everyone’s going to Bali, I think I’ll make Lombok my first stop next time.


I am not exactly a fan of lizards, so the Komodo dragon species didn’t initially exactly strike me as animals I want get up close and personal with. However, I kind of would love to see the Komodo dragons in Komodo National Park and pretend like I’m in Jurassic Park for a day. When in Indonesia, right?


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The next time I go to Indonesia I need to to visit its capital, Jakarta, in on the island of Java. I don’t know if Indonesia is a place people go to check out its cities in comparison to the beaches and wildlife, but I’d still like to embrace the city life at the Aston Marina Ancol Hotel (super affordable prices can be found through traveloka hotel deals) while exploring the culture and history of Jakarta.

Which is your favorite place in Indonesia?

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