A Modern Stay in Quito at 593 Hostel Boutique

A Modern Stay in Quito at 593 Hostel Boutique

A month of traveling in Colombia had me feeling burnt out. I needed some alone time to unwind and recharge when I arrived in Quito, Ecuador. 593 Hostel Boutique was kind enough to host me for a few days while I did just that! I enjoyed my stay so much that I returned after a few days exploring the waterfalls and taking lots of surreal photos in Baños before I took off again.

593 Hostel Boutique

Right off the bat, I was completely surprised at how modern and eye-catching the hostel was. It’s brand new and is LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified. Each floor has a different theme related to Ecuador. There are the “Coast”, “Highlands”, “Jungle”, and “Galápagos” rooms, each floor including beautiful photos and decor reminiscent of the themes. A great looking, sustainable boutique hostel? Jackpot!

593 Hostel Boutique

In a private room, I was treated to one of the biggest beds I’ve ever slept in and one of the nicest bathrooms I’d ever been in while traveling. The hostel even offered slippers, shampoo, and conditioner – a luxury for someone who was seriously running out of shower accessories.

Even the dorms were top notch. Every  bed is equipped with a lamp and locker. The dorm rooms have 2-4+ beds, each room with ample space for guests and their belongings.

593 Hostel Boutique

One my favorite things every morning was the free breakfast! It was so good and filling, including an assortment of meats, cheeses, bread, eggs, cereal, fresh fruit, juice, and coffee. I was ready to take on the each morning in Quito after that amazing breakfast; it was one of the best that I had in South America.

593 Hostel Boutique

With multiple common rooms, computers for Internet use, free Wi-Fi and a ping-pong table, there’s plenty of space for guests to relax and feel at home. This hostel definitely felt more like a hotel but with dorm rooms; I could see why they call themselves a “boutique” hostel.

593 Hostel Boutique

The amenities were incredible, but it was the kindness of the staff that was really heartwarming. Despite arriving to Quito late at night, hostel receptionist was so friendly and willing to show me around the hostel and even walk me to a nearby restaurant. I chatted with the kitchen staff every morning at breakfast and the receptionist did some research for me on traveling to the Galápagos. I really wouldn’t have been able to plan my trip without them!

593 Hostel Boutique

To be completely honest, I probably wouldn’t choose to stay at 593 Hostel Boutique as a backpacker. Located in a residential area, the hostel is far from the historic center and with taxis being the best way to get around, it’s not very economical. The design is so fantastic, but location is one of the biggest factors for me when it comes to choosing which hostel I want to stay in. Quito is a very big city and it took a significant amount of time to get around while staying at 593 Hostel Boutique.

The hostel caters more toward groups than individuals; I think tour groups would absolutely love it. It would be a great place to stay in a big group without the necessity to really go anywhere at the end of a long day of touring. During my stay there were also a few older travel couples who really seemed to enjoy their stay. If you have the budget and aren’t into the backpacker scene, 593 Hostel Boutique could be the place for you!

More Information:

Hotel: 593 Hostel Boutique
Room Types: Dorms and private rooms
Rates: Room rates vary depending on the type of room. Dorms are about $35 .
Reservations: Reserve your bed or room here.

Thanks to 593 Hostel Boutique for hosting me. But don’t worry; no matter who foots the bill, I’ll always keep it real and provide my honest opinion of my experiences.


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    hi lavi! i have always wanted to visit quito….. i hope to go next spring and this little place looks great. thank you!

    • Lavi
      / 10:13 pm

      Quito is a lovely city! There are a few things I didn’t do there that I’d love to go back for!

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    Hi Lavi,
    Sometimes I visit you site. It is really very nice. And “A Modern Stay in Quito at 593 Hostel Boutique” this content is also awesome. Specially Quito’s bathroom is really awesome. I love it.

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