You’re Looking at Tinggly’s Newest Ambassador!

You're Looking at Tinggly's Newest Ambassador!

I’m proud to announce I’m now a Tinggly Ambassador! What’s Tinggly, you ask? Allow me to explain.

Gifts of material objects are so last year

It’s true. Half the time we have no idea what to buy our loved ones for their special day and the recipient winds up silently thinking, “well, it’s the thought that counts”, and says to you, “Aww, you didn’t have to do that…”. Translation: your gift was a dud.

Those days are over! Clothes go out of style and technological advances make electronics quickly obsolete, but experiences last a lifetime. Precious memories are worth more than a material object, so instead of scouring the mall for a gift, why not give the gift of an exciting travel experience?

Meet Tinggly

Tinggly offers 350+ travel experiences in 80+ countries. All you have to do is purchase a gift voucher and the recipient has two years to choose when and where they’d like to use your gift.

These travel experiences are the ultimate gift. These are just a few of all that Tinggly has to offer:

Tinggly Hunt of Northern Lights in Iceland

Tinggly Experience on the Amazon River in Brazil

Tinggly Black Water Tubing in New Zealand

Tinggly Whitewater Rafting in Colorado

AND, many of these experiences are for two people, so your friend can bring a friend (hi, I mean YOU). There is a gift for everyone: foodies, adventure junkies, travelers seeking R&R, culture lovers, you name it.

With two years to embark on your trip, the recipient has plenty of time to decide what’s the best experience for their travel taste. This is a perfect gift if you know the recipient’s destination for a honeymoon/anniversary/future trip and want to surprise them. And if you’re not sure what to do or where to go, Tinggly does the work for you and tells you exactly the best things to do in these 80+ countries.

So where do I come in?

As a Tinggly Ambassador, I’ll be testing out some of Tinggly’s experiences and helping the team find new and awesome activities to add to their extensive experiences map as I’m traveling. I’ll also be writing about my experiences to inspire you gift one to a friend or (better yet?) even treat yourself to one!

Tinggly Experiences Map

I’m super excited about this, especially because I look for adventurous activities to participate in everywhere I go. Tinggly has made it so much easier to find out what I really should be doing while traveling!

Experiences that caught my eye

Next week I’m taking off for Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula and a backpacking adventure through Central America for the next few months! Here’s what I’ve got my eye on:

Tinggly Snorkeling and Underground Cenotes in Mexico

Waterfall Rappelling in Belize

Tinggly Sandboarding in Nicaragua

The adrenaline kicks in every time I browse Tinggly’s collection. There are so many options in Central America to choose from, and a few more ideas that I’d like to help Tinggly get on the map!

So where do you come in?

I want to improve your travels by finding you the most fun experiences so you can have the best trip ever and make everyone back home jealous about that crazy thing you did in that awesome place.

What types of experiences are you interested in while traveling? Or maybe you’ve already done something that I just HAVE to do in Central America but it’s not on Tinggly’s experience map. Write to me and let me know!

Stay tuned for my firsthand account on some of these jaw-dropping experiences! Also, be sure to subscribe so you can be the first to find out about Tinggly’s giveaways!


This post was written in collaboration with Tinggly as part of their Ambassadorship Program and contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through the affiliate link, I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. But don’t worry; no matter who foots the bill, I’ll always keep it real and provide my honest opinion of my experiences.


  1. / 11:16 am

    So cool, Lavi! how exciting! Your adventure picks look really good, wisely chosen! I’m always interested in everything about mountains e.g. this water rappelling.

    • Lavi
      / 12:31 pm

      Thanks, Matt! It looks like I’ll be doing more action-packed activities than I have in awhile! I’ll let you know how the rappelling goes 🙂

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